Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic

For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator

For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator
For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator
For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator
For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator

For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator    For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator

The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. SKYSEA Dental Ultrasonic Scaler fit EMSHandpiece & Tips.

Normal E/P/G Scaler, no bottles, no LED light. Seasky Dental 3-1 Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS Tips Handpiece. Professional for dentists, personal & your lovely pets.

Compatible with Satelec EMS SKYSEA scaler handpieces and tips. Excellent SKYSEA E3 ultrasonic scaler composed of electroniciruit, waterway and ultrasonic transducer is powerful for tooth cleaning. Small, light indispensable device has easy operation for tooth disease prevention and treatment especially for the dental calculus. Elimation and root cannal treatment. 100%& CE high quality and plenty of handpieces, tips and other parts for the replacement save.

100-240v adapter suit for all users. Attached scaler tips hold their own useful functions. The adjustment range of the amplitude is much wider.

The cable is made from silica gel tube, soft and durable. The new water control switch makes the adjustment of the water more convenient. The handpiece is casted from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability. Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates little heat. Eliminating the dental calculus, bacterial plaque and tea scales on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum or the enamel. Input water pressure: 0.01Mpa-0.5MPa.

Output tip vibration frequency: 24-32 KHz. Output primary tip vibration excursion: =100um. Type of protection against electric shock: class? Degree of protection against electric shock: B type application part.

Normal equipment (IPX0), the foot control switch is water proof equipment (IPX1). Free Plug Adapter If necessary. Dental Endo Ultra Activator sonic Irrigator Root Canal Handpiece & 60 ti.

The Endo Activator system uses technology of sonic energy for root canal treatment. The driver work with the Hand device, motor and needle tip to provide power for tip oscillation and vibration. Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavitation and acoustic streaming can improve debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. The Activator helps the fluids streaming enter the Pulp Chamber, Root Canal, Lateral canal, Connection of inter-root canal and root apex to ensure deep cleaning and sterilization of root canal.

It is beneficial to complete the 3D filling of the root canal and ensures long-term success. 1 Prepare the root canal to produce a fully tapered shape. 2 Fill pup chamber with NaOCI, EDTA, or final rinse soulution. 3 Select the needle tip that manually fits loosely within 2mm of the. 4 Place the barrier sleeve over the complete length of the hand device.

5 Connect the needle tip to the hand device with the barrier sleeve. Activator should snap on firmly, promoting a secure connection with the. 6 Press ON/OFF button for 1 second, you can see the battery power. If the power is enough, you can continue the treatment. Power is not enough, you need to replace the battery. 7 Place the attached needle tip into the prepared root canal. 8 Drepress the ON/OFF button to actvate.

Switch defaults to high speed. Depress the 3-speed switch to select medium speed or. 9 Use a pumping action to move the hand device in short 23 mm. 10 Hydro dynamically agitate the medical solution for about 30-60. 11 After washing, use a suction pipe to remove loose debris and.

Sundries from the root canal. 12 Repeat the above steps for each different root canal treatment. 1The SANDENT company provides users with quality assurance. Failure due to the defect of Hand device material or production process of the mainframe within this year, the SANDENT company will.

Provide equipment repair or replacement products. 3If the equipment is damaged due to improper use and maintenance. Or maintenance personnel repair or change of spare parts without the. 4Under any condition, neither SANDENT nor its affiliates are.

Responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential liability. Such damages include but are not limited to loss of. Investment, loss of profits, loss caused by wrong use of product. Including but not limited to third party claims and. Increase of service cost caused by any alternative equipment. SECURITY GUARANTEE--Needle tips are made of soft polymer material, it can easily bypass the curved part in the root canal to maintain the integrity of the straight channel. Also can reduce the risk of breaking or damaging the inner side of the root canal. POWER CLEANING FUNCTION--The vortext is formed in the high-frequency oscillation, that can easily access to root canal, and quickly peel off dirt, impurities, and debris. With the help of high-frequency oscillation, the medicine is evenly and completely covered on the inner wall of the root canal.

CONVENIENT TO USE--Using ordinary LR6 batteries, it can work continuously for more than 16 hours. And the constant voltage control device can keep our oscillator working normally for a period of time when the power is low. NOTICE--The needle tips are made of polymer material and are limited to single patient use. Please do not reuse, do not soak in disinfectant, and do not disinfect under high temperature/pressure. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON OUR POLICY AND FEEDBACK.

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  1. Model: SK-E3 fit EMS (No bottle)
  2. FDA: K163414
  3. Brand: SKYSEA
  4. Ultrasonic Scaler Type: Piezoelectric
  5. Intended Use/Discipline: Dental Laboratory, Dentistry
  6. Custom Bundle: No
  7. Modified Item: No
  8. Country/Region of Manufacture: China

For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator    For Cavitron Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler fit EMS SKYSEA /Endo Sonic Activator